• sharon
    Sharon Pakir
    Sharon is one of Australia’s leading ladies in dance. She is recognised around the world for her amazing teaching technique, grace and precision. She is…
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  • JP and Raquel
    Raquel Paez Ricciardo + Juan Pablo
    Raquel is the Director/Choreographer/Instructor of Salsabor Dance Studio (, one of Canberra’s most sought after dance studios. Raquel has been dancing salsa for over a…
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  • nestor and katrina
    Nestor Manuelian + Katrina Quintal
    Synonymous with Bachata and Salsa in Australia, Nestor (one of the founders and Directors of the Sydney International Bachata festival) and Katrina have taught Salsa…
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  • _mg_0699_webfb
    Kate Ticehurst (Samba)
    Director, Instructor, Performer & Choreographer Kate is one of Canberra’s most knowledgeable and respected Dance Instructors and Choreographers in Canberra. Being in the dance scene…
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  • john_cole
    John Cole (DJ JC Bachata)
    John started DJ-ing in England on a number of radio shows. After coming to Australia his passion for dancing Salsa and Bachata quickly grew into…
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  • jaime
    Jaime Jesus
    Jaime Jesus of Latin Dance Australia in Sydney is regarded world wide as one of the successful Latin Dance professionals in the world. As Competitor…
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  • graeme
    Graeme Haney (DJ Mambo G)
    Popular international instructor and DJ, Graeme Haney, aka ‘Mambo G’ (from the UK) is one of Australia’s most well known personalities within the Latin dance…
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  • elysia_baker
    Elysia Baker (Cha Cha)
    Elysia is a 5 time Australian Latin champion and 2 time Australian salsa champion. she is known both nationally and internationally for her incredible stage…
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  • Debralee
    Debralee Scarselletta (Reggaeton)
    Debralee’s love of teaching dance started whilst training to become a ballerina when she was given many opportunities to teach ballet classes from tiny tots…
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  • debby
    Debby Smits (DJ)
    Debby is the director of the longest running Salsa school Latin Energy Productions in Brisbane. As a performer, instructor, choreographer and DJ she has travelled…
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    Ben Brillante + Eva Li (Bachata)
    Ben Brillante and Eva Li began performing together in 2015. Their sultry, sexy and romantic style of bachata has earned them recognition as two of…
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  • becky_fleming
    Becky Fleming (Reggeaton)
    Becky started dancing at the age of 12 studying Jazz, Contemporary and Classical Ballet through school. She went on to study at the Centre for…
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    Amit Arora + Emily Dibden (Zouk)
    International performer, instructor and choreographer Amit Arora, has been dancing Zouk since 2004 when it first got introduced in Sydney, Australia. Later he founded his…
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  • allan
    Allan Dantas (DJ)
    Since arriving in Australia in 2007, Allan has taught, choreographed, DJed and/or performed in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra, and internationally…
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  • Kadu Pires + Larissa Thayane (Zouk)
    Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane are World renowned Latin Dance Professionals originally from Brazil and now living in Australia for the last 7 years. Kadu…
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  • 11420164_423722281139989_1633631173_o
    Oliver Pineda (Salsa)
    Oliver Pineda is also the Founder and Director of world re-known Latin Motion Dance Academy, founded by Oliver Pineda & Natalie Zeller (formally Reis) in…
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  • Sashya Jay (Samba)
    Sashya is a multifaceted performing artist, creative director, choreographer, model, writer and businesswoman. She is the Founder / Artistic Director / Choreographer / Principal Performer…
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  • Timbalada
    Timbalada Souza
    Timbalada is Founder / Artistic Director / Percussion Director / Principal Performer of Rhythm Brazil. Hailing from Bahia in Brazil, Timbalada has been playing drums…
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    Fattisha Kamara (Afro Brazilian Fusion + Samba)
    Fattisha is a passionate and explosive dancer, instructor, choreographer and costume designer. She was born in Cairo, Egypt and spent most of her early years…
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  • omar and greysa
    Omar Muñoz and Greysa Baez (USA)
    Omar Munoz originally from Mexico but residing in Los Angeles, is one of the most respected, achieved choreographers in the USA. His passion, professionalism, distinct musicality and…
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  • Untitled Session72682
    Dahlia Elkateb – Brazilian Fantasy (UK)
    Founder, Director and Choreographer of Brazilian Fantasy UK, Dahlia has trained in samba and Latin Dance for 14 years and recently was crowned “Rainha Da Bateria” (Queen…
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  • 13148294_10154150685112354_1268515050_o
    Carlos Redondo (Spain)
    Carlos Redondo Jr. from Barcelona (Spain) started at the age of 14yo, focusing on Bachata Sensual, Moderna and Dominican; Salsa LA and Mambo and Lambazouk.…
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  • Chloe
    Chloe Loh (Bachata)
    Chloe Loh is one of Australia’s leading female dance instructors and performers in Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Kizomba. She is known for her high-energy, passion…
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  • 1005643_614174821934238_629412649_n
    Artia Zandian
    Winner of numerous salsa championships and founder of the shines brothers professional dance team, Artia was born in the capital city of Tehran/Iran. He chased…
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  • patricia
    Patricia Falciola (Samba)
    Patricia Falciola founder of La Fiesta Entertainment and Salsa Australia, has built a national and internationally respected career in over a decade of competing and…
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    Dalal Hayek
    Dalal is a performer and dance instructor performing in several places within the Australian Latin dance scene. She has specifically trained in the styles of…
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  • Profile
    Kirstie McMillan
    Kirstie is the Manager, Instructor and Performer for Subsdance Dance Studio in Canberra. Having 10 years dance experience in various styles including Hip Hop, Waacking,…
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  • rafael
    Rafael Rojas (DJ)
    Rafael loves sharing his passion for Latin music. His foundation was laid when growing up. Over the last ten years he has gained an international name…
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  • feliz
    Felix Ben (Salsa)
    Felix is the director of Latin Junction in Sydney. More info coming soon..
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