Carlos Redondo (Spain)

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Carlos Redondo Jr. from Barcelona (Spain) started at the age of 14yo, focusing on Bachata Sensual, Moderna and Dominican; Salsa LA and Mambo and Lambazouk. He is known for his fresh urban movement, charisma and high-energy. After many years of training with the best of Europe, Carlos became a teacher in the biggest latin dance school in Spain: UDance.

He then decided to move to Italy, where he taught in major dance schools, pushing Bachata Sensual. Later that year, he was featured in Milano’s Bachata Day festival, teaching a workshop along side artists such as Daniel and Desiree and Alamana y Ataca. He was also a part of The World Team Project of Daniel y Desiree performing with Italy’s Team.

In December of 2015, Carlos met Chloe Loh in a small social party in Rome and decided to move to Australia. He had no doubt that this would be an opportunity of his life and had no hesitation to leave everything to make his dreams come true. After only 4 weeks in Australia partnering with Chloe, they won a National Championships of the World Bachata Champions of Champions and next October they will represent Australia in London.