Dalal Hayek

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Dalal is a performer and dance instructor performing in several places within the Australian Latin dance scene. She has specifically trained in the styles of Salsa, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Samba and Hip hop creating a new trend of mixing the urban and Latin dance styles together to form unique fusions. She loves teaching ladies how to be confident and sexy through their dancing, and to lose themselves in the music!

Her true love for Reggaeton, Dancehall and Caribbean influenced music shows through her dancing both on and off the stage. A Sydney based dancer, she has performed numerous commercial shows for corporates, starred in movies and music videos.

Dalal has also performed both nationally and internationally in Australia, India and Thailand and New Zealand for professional shows.
She also has a love for Salsa, and has competed in Latin competitions and placed:

-1st Place in Australia’s NSW State Titles 2014 Professional Salsa Duet Category
-1st Place in Australia’s Best Salsa Social Dancer 2013
-3rd Place in Australia’s NSW State Titles 2013 Professional Salsa Solo Category

Dalal always brings something different, groovy, sexy and unique to her classes.