Graeme Haney (DJ Mambo G)

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DJ / Salsa

Popular international instructor and DJ, Graeme Haney, aka ‘Mambo G’ (from the UK) is one of Australia’s most well known personalities within the Latin dance scene.
He was one of the first to teach the linear (LA) style and shines to the Australian salsa community.

In the UK he could be found playing at many salsa venues throughout Central England earning his reputation for playing a wide variety of both new and classic Salsa.

He has been DJ-ing in Australia since Jan 07, and since then his reputation has rapidly grown for playing and popularising this genre of Salsa and Mambo.
Graeme has also DJ’d for the Sydney Salsa Congress which has always been well received.

He founded House of Mambo in 2006 after returning home to Australia from the UK. With 12 years international teaching experience, he has held numerous workshops in Sydney over the years where he has taught the majority of key figures in the Sydney Salsa Scene (Latin Motion, LDA, Club Salsa, Ruedisima, Salsa Republic , Mambo Lounge etc).

His excellent DJ-ing skills, teaching skills, fantastic moves and sense of humour are always a hit.