Kirstie McMillan

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Kirstie is the Manager, Instructor and Performer for Subsdance Dance Studio in Canberra. Having 10 years dance experience in various styles including Hip Hop, Waacking, Dancehall, Brazilian Samba, Burlesque, Show girl and more, Kirstie has expansive knowledge in stage presence, choreography and; culture.

She has trained with and performed at numerous charities, festivals and competitions with many well-known choreographers, dancers and crews throughout her dancing career. Kirstie currently teaches Dancehall for Subsdance, becoming one of the most successful and most talked about class and; genre in Canberra. She coaches the Subsdance Dancehall Queens who are the current ACT state champions and 2 nd in  Australian after competing in the Australian Latin Dance Championships in July, 2016.

Learning with Kirstie is more than just learning a choreography. You will learn the authentic steps created in Jamaica, by Jamaicans, and also how to feel the moves and dance them with purpose.