Timbalada Souza

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Timbalada is Founder / Artistic Director / Percussion Director / Principal Performer of Rhythm Brazil. Hailing from Bahia in Brazil, Timbalada has been playing drums and dancing since he was a child. He trained in Brazil with the renowned percussion band Timbalada (from where he gets his performance name) and studied the Brazilian martial art Capoeira with the group Topazio. Timbalada is proficient in numerous styles of Brazilian percussion and dance.

After performing in Brazil for many years, Timbalada toured Europe with the Axe BaBa Dance Company (1999 – 2000). Whilst in Europe, he taught Brazilian / Latin dance at various schools including the Lisbon University in Portugal. Since moving to Australia in 2001, Timbalada has become one of the most well respected and sought after Brazilian performance artists in the country.

Timbalada’s performance credits include most major festivals and venues throughout Australia including The Sydney Opera House, Good Vibrations Festival, Big Day Out, Bacardi Latin Festival, Darling Harbour Fiesta, Ritmo Brazilian Festival, The Smirnoff Nightlife Exhange Project, The South Amercian Festival, Sydney Salsa Congress, Wodonga Carnival Festival, Canberra Festival and the Brazilian Carnival events across Sydney. He has also appeared in several commercials for brands such as Sims, Rapid Loss, Metamucil and more.

Renowned as one of the foremost Brazilian percussionists in Australia, Timbalada’s several career highlights include working with well known musical director Chong Lim at the Australian Olympic Team’s official “1 Year To Rio” gala event presented by Channel 7. Timbalada has performed alongside many internationally acclaimed artists including the world famous Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes in Hong Kong, Brazilian percussion band Olodum in Sydney, and the world famous musician Paul Simon.

Timbalada’s media and commercial credits are extensive. He has featured on Channel 10 News, Channel 9 News, Channel 7 Sunrise, Channel 7 The Morning Show, So You Think You Can Dance Australia and was featured on the cover of MX Magazine twice. Timbalada has also appeared as an extra in the films Manny Lewis (Australian Film) and Heyy Babyy (Bollywood Film) and on television commercials for brands including Sims, Metamucil, Rapid Loss and the Powerbeat 360 Speakers.

Timbalada is a dynamic and magnetic front man and his unmistakable signature energy is a trademark of Rhythm Brazil’s infectious shows.